Day 1: 40 Days of Prayer for PSU

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“My eyes are on the brokenhearted.”

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34.18)

Once there was a man, and he had a broken heart. He heard God was coming to dinner. So he gathered the shards of his scattered heart and taped them together. He hoped the adhesive would hold. After all, when God comes to dinner, you have to put yourself together (at least he thought).

The man made it through the greeting and the first course. He made it halfway through the second. But it was too much to hide. The man’s hobbled heart wasn’t holding. So he said, “I have something to tell you. My heart is broken, see.” And he placed the pieces on the table. “You can leave if you want to.”

God placed His hand on the broken pieces and said, “I knew it was broken. That’s why I came.” The man began to cry.

“But God,” the man said, “Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because,” God said, “you needed to tell me first. That’s how the healing begins.” And the man began to heal.

There are many brokenhearted right now: alleged victims and their families, past victims of another abuse, people who hoped for more, the accused and their families. But God is close to the brokenhearted. And He wants them to lay down their pieces so He can put them back together.

Pray for the brokenhearted to admit their brokenness.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1: 40 Days of Prayer for PSU

  1. Chris, as I was praying this morning thru the email you sent out, I opened my devotional for the day My Utmost For his Highest and today’s scripture reference is “If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed —John 8:36”….what a verse to begin Day 1 on with praying for the brokenhearted! It is the Son’s desire and pleasure to set each one of us free from whatever brokenheart we have and yes, probably 99% of all Americans have a broken heart in some form or fashion which keeps that part(s) of our heart from the Lord…If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed….is exactly what His death did, made us free and we are free indeed!!
    Thank you for your obedience to the call of God! Praying for you, for protection, for strength, for continued and even more boldness and an even greater depth of knowing Poppa’s love for you!
    Blessings brother Chris.

  2. dear chris,
        thank you for this 40 day journey.  i have saved your prayers and plan to continue praying.  thank you for letting God guide and direct you through this weighty situation.  today’s Scripture and your interpretation and thoughts were a glorious conclusion and a triumphant proclamation for the future. 
        thanks also to your family who sacrificed their time with you and your time serving them so that you could be a minister of help and hope to a large community at this time!  well done!