7 Benefits of Praising God

When my wife and I were preparing to adopt, our friend gave surprising advice.

“Beware of the hero syndrome,” he said. “It’ll take about a year to understand what I mean.”

He was right. It took a year for the adoption stardom to wear off. We became instant heroes by giving a boy a family. We met strangers who heard of our heroic deed, and they said, “You’re so wonderful for doing this!”

You begin to think you’re entitled to your son’s obedience and affection because you’re the hero and he’s the needy one. But then you face the reality of your own need. You realize the adoption wasn’t just for him. He rescued you, too. The same goes for praise. Praising God isn’t just for God’s benefit, it’s for yours.

God doesn’t need praise because He’s insecure, we praise God because we’re insecure.

Here are 7 benefits of praising God:

Praise changes the spiritual climate.
When you’re in a bad mood, begin praising God. You’ll be amazed at how the atmosphere changes. When Paul and Silas were in prison, they praised God and an earthquake freed them (Acts 16.25). A downer turned into deliverance.

Praise fulfills your primary purpose as a created being.
After Jesus performed miracles, the crowd began praising God. The Pharisees wanted to rebuke them, but Jesus said, “If these [people] become silent, the stones will cry out!” (Luke 19.40) It is primal for creation to praise the Creator. If you don’t, you’ll worship something else.

Praise empowers you to great deeds.
After the Apostle Peter named Jesus as the Son of God, Peter moved in astonishing power (Matthew 16.16). His great exploits began after his declaration of praise. Praise empowers you to do the same things Peter did.

Praise restores your understanding to the right order.
When things go wrong, they take control. The broken water softener gets the upper hand. The prodigal son becomes your obsession. But in reality, God is still on the throne. Praise puts things in the right perspective.

Praise reminds you of God’s presence in your life.
In Psalm 22.1, David wrote, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Had God really forsaken David? No, but that’s how David felt. If you’re walking with God, He won’t forsake you. Praise reminds you that God is near.

Praise crucifies your pride.
We tend to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. But praise humbles us. Hebrews 13.15 calls it a “sacrifice of praise.” Sacrifice always costs us. The Apostle Paul said he died daily (1 Cor. 15.31). Praise helps you die daily so God is raised.

Praise attracts God’s presence.
When King Solomon dedicated the Temple to God, he offered sacrifices and praised God. God answered by sending fire from heaven. Then His Glory came (2 Chronicles 7). Praise attracts God’s presence. He is drawn to where He is welcomed.

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72 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Praising God

    Honestly, if all we did each day was praise God (praise God!!!!) that’d be all we needed for that day.

  2. Praise distroys every wall of Jerico in our lives. Praise is a missiles to the devil. The devil is not always happy when we are praising. If the devil likes let it squeaze it ugly face we will still praise our God.

  3. Glory be to God; He is the one who has woken me over one to two hours ago when I fell asleep and I hadn’t yet taken my night dose of medicine or even yet prayed yet but now I tend to feel much better as I am about to finalize meditating upon God’s word in the Sabbath School Lesson and then pray altogether. Amen!

  4. Praise to me, is the lubricant that lubricates my machine for easy access to the throne of God for numerous blessings

  5. Thanks. Your teachings are good. How can we as a ministry in Kenya also help educate the rural needy we pastor?

  6. Glory to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for is love and appreciation of what He has done in our life. praise make us to be counted with CHRIST for His good work in us. thus we are now more than the conqueror.

  7. When doing other items in church angels comes but when praises God, its move God directly into ur presence . God need only praises and not our money

  8. Praise provokes faulty foundation to give up our rights buried in it,open closed doors against our marriage,employment ,misfortune n what have u,loose d band on hands to prosperity n guarantees our safety…Acts 16:25-30. It can make u to become sign n wonders n make many to follow Christ (verse 30).

  9. praise is a medicine that cures many sicknesses and settle situations. is the dwelling place of God and all that he needs from man.

  10. Praise is the weapon that clears all barrier to divine visitation. I’m really blessed by those words. Glory be to God.


    • what do you mean “praise makes the devil free”? Free how so? to leave the person praising God because the devil cannot stand praises or the name Jesus?

  11. I agree that worshiping God reminds you of his presence in your life. Many people say that when you feel God’s presence in your life you are happier. Attending weekly worship services could be a great way to help you be active in your battle against depression

  12. Glory be to God. I am uplited through this WORD of PRAISE. Thank you Jesus. And God bless you that post this WORD.

  13. there is power in praising God, praising God invite his presence why noy praising the Almighty who is the creator the universe, ABBA FATHER I PRAISE YOU FOR YOUR GOODNESS IN MY LIVE AND MY FAMILY BE THY GLORIFY THANK U JESUS

  14. I love this message so much because praise is all i do. Prayer connect u to God but Praise connect God to u.

  15. I thank GOD in JESUS NAME for your message. I have leaned the benefits of praises. May GOD bless u Thanks.