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Made to Pray: Imagine A Better Time With God is a fun and helpful guide to finding the prayer life you were made for. Author CS Heinz used to really struggle with prayer. His lackluster and inconsistent prayer life made him feel bored and guilty. But then he discovered the key to the prayer life he always wanted—a prayer life that is enjoyable, effective, and enduring.

Heinz discovered his best prayer types. Through this book and online prayer assessment, he helps readers identify their best prayer types so they can have a better time with God. Made to Pray comes with discussion questions, a prayer type reference chart, 103 tweets from the book, and the companion prayer assessment. It is useful for churches, small groups, ministries, individual believers, and new believers.

Release Date: April 20, 2013
Publisher: WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson
Page Count: 222 pages
Format: 5.5×8.5 (Softcover), 5.5×8.5 (Hardcover), Ebook
Retail Price: $17.95 (Softcover), $33.95 (Hardcover), $3.99 (Ebook)
ISBN: 9781449788315 (Softcover), 9781449788322 (Hardcover), 9781449788308 (Ebook)


Book Endorsements

Made to Pray is one of the freshest and most helpful approaches to prayer that I’ve ever read. It will help you find the voice you’ve always wanted in the most important conversation of your life.
David Kopp, Writing Collaborator with Bruce Wilkinson, The Prayer of Jabez

CS Heinz has a true passion for prayer. I’ve watched him energize audiences with his provoking thoughts. You’ll be energized, too, if you embrace his teaching.
Dannah Gresh, Best-selling Author, And The Bride Wore White

This book could radically change how you see God, your life, and your ministry. I believe Made to Pray will quickly find itself on your “best prayer books” list.
Dr. Doug Shaw, President/CEO of International Students, Inc.

Made to Pray is a fresh, biblical guide to developing a satisfying and fruitful prayer life. It’s a must-read for the Body of Christ as we seek a much needed prayer awakening in this generation.
Mary Alice Isleib, Author of Effective Fervent Prayer and Healing Toxic Emotions

CS Heinz’s book on prayer is like drinking a Red Bull for the first time. It will energize you to pray and build momentum in your prayer life. Simple and straight to the point, it’s a good read for anyone looking to connect with the Father.
Jorn Junod, Lead Pastor of Discovery Road Church, State College, PA

Author Biography & Pictures

For more than 15 years, CS Heinz has mobilized people to pray. He’s the author of Made to Pray: Imagine a Better Time with God, and its companion prayer assessment. A former company chaplain and house church pastor, Heinz is the vice president of marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc. He lives with his family in central Pennsylvania, where he blogs about prayer, power, and the presence of God at www.CSHeinz.com.


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Contact Information

If you’d like to contact CS Heinz, here’s how to get in touch:

Book Excerpt

If you’d like to read a sample, here’s a 1,000-word book excerpt from the introduction.

Book Tweets

Made to Pray comes with 103 tweets so readers can be encouraged with inspirational snip-its from the book, and can inspire their audiences. Here is one from each chapter:

  • Prayer is the reward of walking with God, but so often we treat it like punishment. @CSHeinz
  • Your heart abandoned to God—and not perfect music—is the root of real worship. God prefers passion over form. @CSHeinz
  • The goal of praying for people is an encounter with God. When this becomes your goal, then praying for people is suddenly doable. @CSHeinz
  • In intercession, God doesn’t always send a vision or word. Sometimes he sends a burden that is like labor unto birth. So birth it! @CSHeinz
  • An alarming thing about God is his full access. Not only does he have the nerve to interfere with your life, he can do it anytime. @CSHeinz
  • A friend of God knows what God sounds like, soft or loud. And he goes out to meet him, wherever it is. @CSHeinz
  • You were born into the conflict between God and Satan. The conflict is spiritual, but it manifests on the earth. @CSHeinz
  • If you want to know God’s will, then get to know God’s word, and if you want to pray God’s will, then pray God’s Word. @CSHeinz
  • Not all nice people go to heaven. If you’ve sinned once, you’ve sinned a million times. @CSHeinz
  • Biblical thanksgiving is more of a choice than a feeling. @CSHeinz
  • Sometimes human language isn’t adequate to communicate with God. Praying in tongues is like spiritual poetry. @CSHeinz
  • God is looking for believers who will align with heaven to form a spiritual majority and transact business to impact the natural. @CSHeinz
  • Being able to practice all the prayer types enables you to respond effectively to any situation. @CSHeinz

Link to Radio Interviews

Here are links to radio interviews with CS Heinz during the 40 Days of Prayer for PSU, which was a prayer initiative following the Penn State scandal in 2011:

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