Hi, for more than 15 years, I’ve mobilized people to pray. I’m the author of “Made To Pray,” and its companion prayer assessment. A former company chaplain and house church pastor, I’m the vice president of marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc.

I live with my family in central Pennsylvania. I’ve appeared in Charisma Magazine, Extant Magazine, the Christian Post, and the Centre Daily Times, and serve on the National Committee of Mission America Coalition.

I write this blog mostly on prayer, power, and the presence of God. My mission is to excite you about prayer, help you move in power, and stir your hunger for God’s presence. If you don’t feel inspired, I’m not doing my job.

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As a former company chaplain and house church pastor, I have mobilized prayer for 15 years. I have taught and consulted on prayer in class rooms, churches, and college campuses.

My first book, Made To Pray and its companion prayer assessment were published in 2013. I’m active on my blog.

I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in Religion and Theology. Then I interned with Harvest Evangelism until moving back to my hometown to work in the family software business.

I have been married to my wife, Colette, for 13 years. We have three children and live in central Pennsylvania.

I’m the vice president of marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc. Our company helps organizations save money and reduce energy. We also started Global Capacity to help children go to school in Rwanda. My boss (who’s also my dad) is kind enough to let me write during the day sometimes.

I’m also the President of Current3 Ministries. In my free time, I enjoy writing, exercising, and traveling. I’m committed to serving local Christian leaders in Myanmar and the Philippines.

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My graphic designer for the book, web, and other materials is Andy Mylin. My web guy, who made the prayer assessment and website work, is Adam Hegedus. My website uses the Standard theme on WordPress.