A few months ago, I met a man named David Bryant. He has a deep, penetrating voice that is probably how an Old Testament prophet would have sounded, although it’s not as much the sound and rhythm of his voice that is so penetrating, but his words. There is power, truth, and gravitas behind them. He’s speaking the words of God.

David’s current work is to lead what he calls “Christ Institutes” in order to spark “Christ Awakenings” all over the world. I have to say—he’s done that for me. Since meeting David, my walk with Christ hasn’t been the same. This is my thirtieth year of being a Christian, but I’ve concluded I hardly know Jesus, who is the author of my faith, who is the Christ in Christianity.

So I’ve been asking myself three questions, and I wonder if you’d ask yourself the same.

But first, let’s do a little exercise.

1. Grab a pen, paper, and three-minute timer. Don’t read ahead until you get them.

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There’s a question swirling inside me: Does 50 Shades of Grey really matter in light of the 21 beheaded Christians? Both stories are circulating in the Christian community, and are both the subjects of Christian bloggers, Christian commentators, and Christian readers. What happened on the beach in Libya to these Christians and what happens in Christian Grey’s “play room” are front and center right now.

So in light of these 21 young men losing their lives, does the 50 Shades question really matter? Does it really matter if Christians watch it, does it matter if movie theaters run by Christians show it, and does it matter if Christian leaders speak up about it? This is the question I’m wrestling with.

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You may have the greatest intentions of praying for your kids intentionally (more than a harried prayer at dinnertime) and consistently (more than when your New Year Resolution resolve runs out), but struggle with following through. If that’s you, I get it, I’m in the club, too!

But failing to follow through doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With some help, we can all pray for our kids with purpose and regularity, whether you have one child or a vanload of them.

Here are 10 tools to help you pray for your kids:

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I start my work day the same way every day–I pray. And not just any prayer. I pray the same thing every day.

It hasn’t always been like this. Before I would switch on my computer, look at my calendar, check my emails, and do whatever came next.

But now I pray to start my day. And I’m so glad I do.

Before I share the prayer, let me mention the difference it’s made for me.

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As the VP of Marketing and Company Chaplain for EnergyCAP, Inc., I have an exciting announcement—today we launched a new blog at www.PrayerAtWork.com with weekly emails to encourage you to connect with God at your workplace.

Nowadays, we’re more connected than ever. We don’t have to be in the same office with coworkers or be face-to-face with clients to communicate with them. Phones, video chat, email, instant message, text, webinar, and wireless internet access are everywhere. Yes, we’re more connected than ever.

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Do you ever get overwhelmed with parenting tasks?

What seems urgent gets your attention–carpooling, laundry, cub scouts, teaching kids about finances, just keeping the kids alive–but what’s important takes a back seat. Sure, these all seem very urgent at the time. But I’d say they’re not most important (except for maybe keeping the kids alive…and even that’s debatable). What’s most important gets at the real the purpose of parenting.

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We love parents. Well, most of them. And by parents, I mean those raising children. You may not be biologically connected or may be a generation away or perhaps don’t live in the same home. But if you have a burden to raise a child, I’m speaking to you.

So I have some questions:

- How many of you let your kids go to school without breakfast?
- How many of you let your kids leave the house in just their underwear?
- Do you ever make them skip a meal?

We wouldn’t neglect these necessities. But do you neglect to pray for your kids?

My purpose is not to make you feel bad about yourself for not praying for your kids more. If it was, I would throw the first stone at myself. Rather, my first goal is to encourage you.

You’re in this crazy profession called parenting, which is pretty thankless, costs you everything, and has no guarantees that your product will turn out good at all.

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Video Recording

Do you want to pray for your child, but can’t get momentum? Do you make plans, but fail to follow through? Let us help you give your kids what they need–a praying parent.

In the recording, we cover:

    • the real purpose of parenting
    • how to overflow with God as you parent
    • tapping into God’s resources
    • passing down prayer as a legacy

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Yesterday at the grocery store, the woman in front of me was taking a very long time to check out. I looked for a shorter line, but you know how it goes—the longer you’re in one line, the more committed you feel to riding it out. So I did.

Then I got nosy. Why was she taking such a long time? I leaned in while trying to act undercover, and then I realized what the holdup was. Miss Slowpoke was choosing which items to take off her bill. She had gone over her budget.

So methodically she picked up each item, inspected it, and pronounced her judgment:

“Canned mushrooms – Keep”
“Electronic toothbrush – Go”
“Mozzarella cheese – Keep”
“Mustache wax – Go”

And so forth. It was painful. But it got me thinking about God, specifically delighting in God in 2015.

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A reader asked me how much money I make by selling books, so I answered her–I make nothing. Actually, I’m losing money by writing books.

“How is that so?” she asked.

Because I self-published my books.

“Why do you do it then?”

Because there’s more to life than making money. I wholeheartedly believe in the messages of Made To Pray and One-Minute Devotions On Prayer. I believe God made each of us to uniquely connect by finding our best prayer types. And I believe God’s presence refreshes us and it needn’t take hours, in fact can take but a minute.

I believe in these messages so strongly that I’d rather get them out to you than sit around waiting for an official publishing committee and its process. Would I turn that down should it come up? No, but I’m not about to sit on my hands, sit on my message.

MTP-OMDevo BundleMockUp

So yes, I write books and I’m losing money. No big deal because I’m banking on the fact that God will bear fruit in your life by these books and that’s far bigger a reward than any book payout.

It’s your last day to guarantee shipping of “One-Minute Devotions On Prayer” or “Made To Pray” before Christmas at the online store.