When I think of Pat, I think of three words.

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At first, we come as babes in Christ, and everything Jesus says seems hard:

– serve yourself last
– love your enemies
– live by faith
– pray

But, says Dallas Willard, “True Christlikeness, true companionship with Christ, comes at the point where it is not hard to respond as he would.” (“The Spirit of the Disciplines”)

Willard is saying that true Christlikeness is not asking, “What would Jesus do?” in a particular situation. Rather, he’s saying that when we’re like Christ, we won’t have to ask the question because it’ll come naturally. We’ll respond as Jesus would.

When this happens, the life of Christ will have become our life.
Thus, when Paul says to, “…clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ,” (Romans 13:14), he’s not saying to put on your Christ coat when dealing with the horrible neighbors, and then take it off when you’re back inside with your kids.

Putting on Christ is putting on his way of life, permanently and totally.

When we’re babes in Christ, it’s appropriate to ask, “What would Jesus do?” because we’re learning a new way of life.

But the goal is to not have to ask it anymore because his life will have become ours.

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Your corner’s coming

Chris Heinz —  October 14, 2015 — 3 Comments

Usually when you want to give up, breakthrough is just around the corner.

Stay in it.

Don’t throw it in, don’t relent, don’t hang up the towel.


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I’m not Wonder Boy (though I try to be).

I can’t scale heights and walk on water. My eyes do not see through things. I can’t promise not to disappoint you. I can’t save your world.

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A few years ago, we had a fish.

I say we HAD a fish because we don’t have a fish anymore. I killed it.

You see, I really wasn’t enjoying this fish, and it was getting on my nerves…

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“A Christian is one who points to Christ and says, ‘I can’t prove a thing, but there’s something about his eyes and his voice. There’s something about the way he carries his head, his hands, the way he carries his cross–the way he carries me.'” – Frederick Buechner

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Be careful what you pray for

Chris Heinz —  October 5, 2015 — 1 Comment

Last week I challenged us to be praying for more love, gentleness, humility or patience.

Did you do it? How did it go?

Well, I prayed for more patience. And you know what happened?

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There’s a saying that goes, “What you put in, you get out.”

We use this when trying to motivate our kids to stick with an activity: “Come on Johnny, unless you put time into karate, you’re not going to enjoy it.”

Or we coach ourselves with this same advice: “Okay Me, if I master accounting, it’ll pay off eventually.”

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Did you ever anticipate something so much, then you got disappointed because it didn’t deliver?

“Riverdance” was like that for me. At one time, Riverdance, Michael Flately, and Irish stepdancing was all the rage. Everyone was talking about, and trying to Riverdance.

So when Riverdance came to town, Colette and I got tickets. I was super excited. I did some stepdancing in front of my mirror leading up to it.

But when the event came…

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Looking for some testers

Chris Heinz —  September 30, 2015 — 2 Comments

In a few weeks, we’re launching a one-of-a-kind website to draw Christians into the one-of-a-kind Jesus.

We’re looking for people who would serve as testers…people we could ask, “Hey, what do you think of this?” and “Hey, can you do that?”

You’d have to offer honest feedback and keep your testing private. It doesn’t pay, but you’d be doing some real good.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be in touch if you are needed.

Oh and please visit http://www.ChristNow.com right now to see what we’re planning.

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